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From flashcards, word maps, and quizzes to AI examples, vocabulary generation and statistics. In Root, you have it all so you can focus on practicing the words you don’t know optimally.

Flashcards example illustration
Flashcards example illustration

Supercharge Your Learning With AI

Sit back and let Artemis, our AI-powered language assistant do the heavy lifting for you in everything from example and vocabulary generation to personalized minigames.

Experience Gamified Language Learning

With our Spaced Repetition algorithm and our engaging, AI-powered games, we prioritize the words you need to practice the most while keeping an eye on those words you used to know perfectly.

Visualize Your Growth

Visualize every step of your progress with our detailed statistics, so you can see that every effort counts.

Meet Artemis

Our AI assistant gets her name from the Greek goddess of nature and is here to root for you. With Artemis, you can learn faster and go further while having a ton of fun.

Different flashcards representing the AI features of the app.

Generate unlimited examples

Learn faster with minigames

Expand on relevant vocab

Generate custom vocabulary

Get started for free

Play around with it first. Pick the plan that suits your needs later.